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Our Maison

Since 1885, Bory & Cie SA has cultivated its values – ethics, respect, trust – and applies them daily in its activities.

But tradition is nothing without a vision of the future. Also, day after day, we make from innovation and performance the basement of our entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, thanks to this spirit and to our teams who represent and combine all real estate professions, our House is one of the main players in the market.

Because we offer a very comprehensive range of services. And because we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our activities

The management of rental properties, co-owned properties, flats and houses is Bory & Cie’s main activity. We protect and enhance this heritage, which is so important to our clients.

For Bory & Cie, management means taking initiative. We consider it our duty to anticipate and help homeowners make decisions by giving clear options and taking care of any practical problems. To do this, we combine our experience with decision-making tools focused on green technologies, which allow us to set up and manage work at different levels of complexity. And to maintain optimal, personalised relationships with owners, responsibility for managing each property is always taken on by one of our property managers.

Our Management

Gérard Turrettini
Thierry Naz
Arnaud Turrettini
Stefanie Sidler
Eric Chassot
Julie Skibinski
Christophe Clarke
Céline Becker-Decrind
Elsa Pistotnik
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Gérard Turrettini

Senior Partner / Commercial Director

After studying law and working for a number of years in the property business, Gérard became a partner in 1982 alongside André and Bernard Bory. Today, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and heads our residential rentals and brokerage department.

Our roles

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Property manager

Instructed by a property owner, the property manager manages the owner’s real estate on their behalf. He/she provides the link between the tenants and the owner. Skilled in customer relationships, legal affairs and accounting, he/she manages the administrative, technical and financial aspects of a property.

Work at Bory & Cie

A property company is a microcosm in which a multitude of roles and knowledge come together. It is this diversity and complexity that drives our passion and adds spirit to our work.

Job openings

Our certifications

Our certifications

Bory & Cie is a member of USPI Geneva. This Swiss association of property professionals works to enhance the status of our sector. Find out more about USPI Geneva USPI Geneva awards a series of certifications guaranteeing the high quality of the professional services its members offer their clients. Bory & Cie is proud to hold all of them.

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Quality certification

This label certifies that Bory & Cie fulfils the criteria defined and imposed by the USPI in terms of finance and insurance.